Cecilia Granara, Antoine Donzeaud, Lisa Signorini, Isaac Lythgoe

May 20 – June 21, 2020

Cecilia Granara
Cecilia Granara, Due Farfalle, 2020
Mixed media on canvas. 200 x 110 cm
Antoine Donzeaud
Antoine Donzeaud, Ordinary Objects for Common Use (nakama), 2020
PVC tarp, polythene, spray paint, wood, rivets. 173 x 124 cm
Lisa Signorini
Lisa Signorini, Insomnia (sleeping in bed with all your favorite objects),q 2019
Graphite on satiné paper. 57 x 77 cm
Isaac Lythgoe
Isaac Lythgoe, Over Pebbles down towards the surf, 2018
UV print on faux leather. 46 x 140 cm